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Learn about me:

Visionary and compassionate Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), recognized as an influential strategist—dedicated to meeting the health care needs of patients. Reputation for revitalizing flagging operations, leading with intensity and focused on growth, forging consensus and motivating teams. 

Successfully steered acquisition, turnaround, and operations—singularly propelling division from (2) hospitals to (28) hospitals. Focused thought leader and problem solver who keeps a steady finger on the pulse of operations, partnering with physicians to continually standardize, improve, and fine-tune systems, processes, and policies to provide the highest quality of patient care. 

Forward-thinking strategist, steering healthcare organizations to significantly outpace initial growth forecasts. Former clinician and inspirational servant leader who personally understands medical staff needs from the bedside up, lifting morale and fostering a fulfilling, cohesive workplace for all—earning respect and engendering trust at all levels.

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