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David Burkart
Gerald Mancuso

We are happy to share our experience regarding Luis Leon in his role as Prime Healthcare, President of Operations Division II   We are long-time high-volume physicians in Kansas City who have practiced our entire careers in private groups who have had close relationships with various health systems.


We first met Luis Leon in early 2015 at which time he was instrumental in brokering a deal between our private cardiovascular group and Prime Healthcare simultaneous with the Prime Healthcare acquisition of Saint Joseph Medical Center (SJMC) in Kansas City, Missouri to which he also was the principal executive.  His decision to form this alliance between our private group and SJMC was likely the single best decision for SJMC since Prime acquired them. Most remarkable was Luis Leon completed this alliance in less than 2 months from our first discussions with him.  As a result of his leadership this alliance has made SJMC one of the top earning hospitals in all of Prime.  After meeting many other of the top executives in Prime, we believe Mr. Leon is the only one who would have recognized the opportunity, navigated the multiple obstacles in a timely fashion, and completed the alliance.

We have had the pleasure to work closely with Mr Leon over the past 5 years and not only can report he is a top-tier executive, but also a man of remarkable character. In him is found no guile. In those 5 year we have had to work through many difficult situations as has become the “norm” in the healthcare industry.  In those times he has always been gracious, straight-forward, and sensitive to our needs and the needs of our patients while always making sound business decisions.  He has a unique ability to see people for who they are and then bring out the best in them for the good of the whole organization.

We would give our highest recommendation to Luis Leon.

- David J Burkart MD 

  Gerald M. Mancuso MD 


  Healient Physician Group

Jim Summersett

Luis Leon is an executive who epitomizes hard work, integrity, and dependability. One of the keystones of my career was working with Luis and seeing firsthand the extraordinary diligence and loyalty with which he approached his job. day in and day out.


Eight years ago, Luis was handpicked to lead Prime Healthcare’s growth outside California. Providing a steady hand through 28 separate hospital acquisitions, he guided Prime to become the “Fastest Growing Healthcare System in the Country.”


It is a great pleasure for me to provide Luis with this recommendation. He is one of the most outstanding executives I have ever worked with, and his personal qualities are just as impressive. 

Jim Summersett, Summersett, LLC

Shara Smith

“Luis Leon is the best leader I have ever had the pleasure of working for, and he is the epitome of what a servant leader should be. Luis promoted me to a more significant role within the organization as the Executive Director of Business Development, Division II, and under his leadership, I developed a brand-new department and team of my own.


He also took the time to mentor me and teach me areas of hospital operations I would never have had the opportunity to learn in any other way. Luis always maintained an open-door policy for communication and feedback, and because of that I was able to grow and develop into a better leader.


His leadership style, coupled with
his extensive knowledge of hospital operations and his knack for creative problem solving, make him a tremendous asset. Any organization would be fortunate to have Luis leading the charge!!”.

Shara Smith, Chief Development Officer

Healthcare Receivables Solutions

Bryan Burklow

While working for Luis I found him to have a unique blend of both clinical and operational strengths.  Luis thrives on challenges and taking on new assignments that are difficult.  


He takes the time to drill down to find real facts, the root cause of a problem and then builds solutions to fix an issue.  Luis has a collaborative style and sees the good in people.  He is willing to take a chance on people and looks at their energy and drive, not just their education or background in building his teams. 


He is incredibly loyal to the company, the people he works with and will make personal sacrifices when needed.


Bryan Burklow

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